Costa Rica to close”, release some animals

In a recent bid to free animals held in captivity, officials from Costa Rica have closed zoos and freed animals that were previously kept in cages. As per Rene Castro, the Environment Minister from Costa Rica said that they have implemented the ‘no cages’ policy in their state. They are planning to close down two more zoos in the year to come. Rene Castro recalled an incident from his childhood, where his grandmother had a pet parrot and one evening, when they saw a flock of parrots flying, they took the parrot to the terrace and freed it. Due to this, Rene understood that even if good care is taken of animals, they do not enjoy being in captivity. Hence, he recently closed the Simon Bolivar Zoo, located in San Jose and changed the zoo into a garden.  The animals that were present in the cages were released in wildlife. Veterinarians say that rather than the zoo being closed, animals should be moved to wildlife as their life condition would be better. Also, authorities have to look after the legal issues that might arise with the closing of zoos in the region.