17 Outrageously Cool Designer Items That Delighted Us This Year

A scarf in the form of an animal biting its own tail

cool-designer-items-1© dawanda

Newspapers that help grow plants over time

cool-designer-items-2© yoshinakaono

The bag that brings the world of Lego closer to reality


An umbrella for dogs

cool-designer-items-4© salebreaker

A pyramid fireplace

cool-designer-items-5© biokamino

The greatest wineglass

cool-designer-items-6© amazon

Cosmic stickers for your keyboard

cool-designer-items-7© etsy

A miniature stove for your pizza


© amazon  

A pillow for all those who love having sweet dreams

cool-designer-items-9© etsy  

Flip-flops that leave animal footprints

cool-designer-items-10© kiko-kids

A vase shaped like a wave

cool-designer-items-11© glass-art

“Natural” drapery for the home

cool-designer-items-12© alexkeha

Socks for those who love food

cool-designer-items-13© otakumode

The phone case that prints photos in an instant


A night light in the form of a storm cloud

cool-designer-items-15© richardclarkson

A shawl in the form of a butterfly’s wings

cool-designer-items-16© etsy

A bag for booklovers

cool-designer-items-17© etsy