40 Funny Pics Of Cooking Failures That People Just Had To Share

31. Pizza That Looks Like Lava


32. Moved The Flour Away From The Kid So He Wouldn’t Make A Mess… And I Knocked It Off The Counter With My Elbow


33. Ever Wondered What Happens When You Microwave A Frozen Uncooked Croissant? Wonder No More

cooking failuresthe_highway_skyline

34. Ramen: Microwave For 4 Minutes On High Power. Follow Me For More Great Recipes


35. I Tried My Grandmother’s Donut Recipe And I Have To Admit, It Kinda Stinks

cooking failuresmerrell0

36. My Friend Writes “Apparently I Bought A Bringing Bag Instead Of A Baking Bag”


37. Spent 12 Hours Making “Cinnamon Swirl” Sourdough Bread

cooking failuresPiRat314

38. I Did Not Look Closely Enough At That Label


39. My Fridge Just Decided To Freeze My Eggs. Have A Nice Day


40. My Roommate Made Soup

cooking failuressk-3y3_HIGH