40 Funny Pics Of Cooking Failures That People Just Had To Share

21. Finally Made A Good Lattice Crust Then I Went And Knocked My Cactus Onto It


22. My Dumbest Injury, I Was Flipping A Steak In A Curved Pan, Like Flat Bottom Wok, And All The Butter Splashed Out


23. Failed Baked Bread, May I Ask If I Underbaked It, Over Fermented It, Or Had Too Much Yeast? I Ate 3 Of Them In Anger

cooking failurestuxiaobai

24. Accidentally Baked A Fly Into My Cookies


25. Nightmare Lamb Cake

cooking failuresboneskull

26. I Was Very Excited To Try To Make French Omelette This Morning. It Was Going Well Until It Quickly Went From Omelette Au Fromage To Omelette Au Floormage


27. Prepared Cinnamon Toast Crunch In The Dark. It Was Cheeze Its

cooking failuressongbird808

28. What’s The Worst Thing To Find After You Took The Last Batch Of Cookies Out? The Real Cinnamon


29. My Friend’s Mother Thought That The Croissants Would Just Roll Themselves Up While Cooking


30. We Had 6 Eggs Left. I Thought I Would Scramble Them For Breakfast. The 6th One I Cracked In The Bowl Was Completely Rotten

cooking failuresflightlessbirdies