Comfort Dogs Have Flown From All Over the Country to Orlando

By now, a lot of the shock and outrage over the mass terrorist attack shooting in Orlando has died down, but there is still a lot of pain to be addressed.  The heartbreak for those who were left behind is just beginning, so therapy dogs have been sent in with their volunteer handlers to help comfort those who need a loving friend in a dog. Dogs are always comforting, but these dogs have been able to be trained carefully to make sure that they know how to respond in situations where heartbroken people are looking for a way to cope with their sadness and find some relief from it.  These dogs were certainly a welcome sight for those who are still coming to terms with the heartbreak of their lost loved ones, and were certainly well received by everyone, even those who weren’t normally attracted to animals in the first place.   A pet lick does wonders to a broken soul.










Comfort dogs from around the country have been brought to Orlando to offer just a small moment of peace for the victims and those affected by the terror attack over the weekend. Our Bradley Blackburn has more.

Posted by WFAA-TV on Tuesday, June 14, 2016

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