18-Year-Old High School Student Already Has a Painting Debuted in the Met



Cliffannie Forrester graduated from New York City’s High School of Art and Design last week, which is an achievement by itself and has already accomplished more than it in life. She has made an oil painting Uganda, which was hung on the New York Metropolitan Art Museum and it will stay put till October 23rd 2016. It is one among the 89 art works that have been selected as per the NYC Department of Education’s contest.

Her painting is based on her missionary trip to Uganda back in 2014 and she saw a little girl who was just standing looking at everything around with awe. She made a memory of it in her brain and after receiving an encouragement from Ms. Jimenez, who was her teacher.

She initially faced challenges to recreate the frame, especially the color scheme and contrasts based on her memory. When she was finally clear about it, she could draw the entire thing seamlessly. The sole idea she had while painting this was to evoke an emotion, and she was able to do it successfully. She now thinks that her life goal is complete and we are all excited to see what she makes next!




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All images via Cliffannie Forrester.