30 Clever Design Ideas That Benefit The Users

11. My Local Shopping Centre Has A Special Time Where The Entire Building Is Autism Friendly


12. Tinder Is Having Your Back When The Government Doesn’t

clever designsSquatyslav

13. An Easy Way To Ask The Company To Repair Wheels

clever designsDerBruh

14. Remember This When Walking Your Pets

clever designsevanishei

15. Design That Prevents A-Holes From Creating New Accounts


16. China’s Largest E-Commerce Company Uses Its Boxes As Flyers For Missing Persons


17. Clothes Company Puts Options For Multiple Owners On Children’s Coats


18. If You Try To Enter The Antivax Subreddit It Brings A Detailed Warning About The Misinformation You Might Find


19. Yearbook Picture With A Gap To Avoid Lost In Binding


20. This Alarm Which Saved Me A Frantic Call To My Boss Tomorrow