People Are Sharing One of a Kind Christmas Gifts They Won’t Expect

11. In 1983 I Told My 14-Year-Old Girlfriend To “Just Get Me A Rock” For Christmas. She Did. I Married Her. 35 Years Later We Are Still Together, I Still Have It, And It Is The Most Precious Gift I Have Ever Received

12. My Friend And I Replaced Christmas With Brucemas, Where We Exchange Bruce Willis Themed Gifts Each Year. I Win Forever. (And Yes It’s Real)

13. Gave My Pirate-Loving Landlord His Christmas Gift Last Night: January’s Rent. In Coins. His Response: “You’re Both Awesome And A Huge Asshole.”


14. My Grandma’s Face When She Opened The Gift I Crocheted For Her..

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15. My Wife Found Out That 60% Seniors In Nursing Homes Have No Visitors And Get Nothing For Christmas. So She Held A Small Fundraiser And Put Together 61 Gift Bags For A Local Nursing Home. Each Bag Contains Chapstick, Lotion, Tissues, A Word Search Book A Pen, And A Blanket


16. My Daughter Always Steals Printer Paper To Draw On So For Christmas I Wrapped A Pack Of 500 Pages Of Paper. She Started Running Around Screaming With Excitement. Easiest Present Ever


17. Christmas Gift


18. Stepdad Raised Him Since He Was 3. He Got Him Adoption Papers As A Christmas Gift


19. Christmas Gift From My Loving Friend

20. My Father Passed Away From Lung Cancer In July. Mom Had These Gifts Made For Me And My Brother. The Best Gift I’ve Ever Received