People Are Sharing One of a Kind Christmas Gifts They Won’t Expect

People are sharing wholesome pics of Christmas gifts that surprised them. Take a look at this cute list that will make soft your heart!

1. An Elementary School Bus Driver Asked Every Kid On His Bus What They Wanted For Christmas. He Bought Every Child A Gift

2. My Girlfriend Was Unemployed Last Christmas And Couldn’t Afford A Gift For Me So She Painted This


3. Wholesome Christmas Gifts

 christmas giftsOwsWills

4. The Best Christmas Present

 christmas giftsChristianServerJesus

5. My Brother Never Fails To Disappoint With His Personalised Christmas Gifts – This Year He Made Me A Calendar


6. My Wife Gave Birth To A Child That Is Not Hers, For A Couple That Has Desperately Wanted One For Over Ten Years. Surrogacy Can Be Hard, But I Witnessed Her Give The Greatest Christmas Gift Ever. I Am So Proud Of Her!

7. My 14-Year Old Son Built This Coffee Table For His Sister And Her Boyfriend As A Christmas Gift. It Measures 28” X 42” And Is Made Of Red Oak With Red Oak Stain And Polyurethane Finish

8. My Friend Is Terrible At Flirting. She Asked This Guy If He Liked Bread As An Opener And A Year Later They Are Together And He Made This For Her Christmas Gift

9. On Christmas Morning After We Had Opened All The Gifts, Travis Said He Had One More Big Gift For Me. I Was A Little Confused On Why He Had Gotten Me A Barstool But Once I Sat Down And Looked At Him, I Immediately Knew What Was Happening. He Later Told Me That The Stool Is From The Bar We Met


10. For Christmas Last Year, I Got My Alzheimer’s-Stricken Grandma This Hat As A Gift. She Thought It Was Really Fashionable And Still Wears It Around All The Time