Chloe And The Beans: The Heart-Warming Story Of A 22-Year-Old Mother And Her Six Children

A 22-year-old mother named Chloe Dastan, along with her husband, had to decide whether to keep her triplets by having a premature birth or risk only saving two of the babies. The young couple already had three kids, so they apparently had no problem with having more kids. So they decided to go with the premature birth in order to save all three babies, even though it had only been a 28-week pregnancy. Fortunately, the premature birth ended up being the right decision because all three babies were delivered and they’re doing fine. Dastan even made an Instagram account which is dedicated to showing pictures of her babies. The account is called “Chloeandbeans.”

You’re joking! Another three siblings?


That’s right, three! You wanted that many yourselves…



Three new bundles of joy


We love you, mommy!


The proud parents together



It’s clear who gets fed first…