20 Pictures Proving That Cats Are Actually “Bad” Roommates

1. Cat logic is beyond reality

© northead

2. This devil who scratches the couch and sits on the scratching post

naughty cats© ShamelessDisaster

3. It lasted 12 hours

Cats-That-Are-Such-Bad-Roommates© lilymagil

4. “Morning trip to the loo, and the cat decides to join me”

Cats-That-Are-Such-Bad-Roommates© NefariousTyke

5. “My cat is a devil.”

funny cats© Aramira137

6. “This guy got up there and kept staring at me because he needed help to get down.”

© sweet12oakly

7. Me: “Get off my back while I use the bathroom please.”

Her: “You stink.”

© swells001

8. “Little acrobat already ruined the blinds in another room.”

© Enderguy39

9. “This is what I woke up to today…”

© ChintzyTurtle

10. “He pushed my tv off the stand.”

Cats-That-Are-Such-Bad-Roommates© ssnakemann