This Online Community Shares Adorable Pics Of Cats Before And After Adoption

11. I’m So Happy For Her Progress

before after cats adoptionNightshark13

12. Two Months Ago I Found Him Mangled, Probably Had Been Run Over, And Almost Dead Due To Dehydration. Vets Had To Amputate One Of His Front Legs And Tail. Today We Finally Took The Cone Of Shame Off And Let Him Chill With Us On The Bed

13. Rey When I Found Her On The Street And At 1 Year Old. Good Job, Baby Girl!


14. Two Months Of Love Changed Mr. Biscuits


15. Found This Girl In November 2019


16. From Being Found In Our Woodshed Two Years Ago With Wounds The Vet Believes Was From A Coyote , To Yesterday A Happy Healthy House Kitty. Meet Chip!


17. I Found This Kitten Dumped In The Middle Of A Road Too Weak And Hungry To Get To Safety. The Photo On The Right Is What 6 Days Of Cuddles By The Fireplace, Lots Of Food And A Cosy Bed Can Do

before after cats

18. When We Got Hilda She Was Very Underweight After Having Recently Given Birth; Somewhere In The Last 6 Months She Turned Into A Long Haired Beauty Queen!

19. Apollo Has Given Us Just As Much As We Have Been Able To Give Him

before after cats

20. After 6 Months Spent In A Shelter, They Thought He Would Never Get Adopted Due To Him Having Fiv. Now He’s Been My Bud For Over A Year And Living His Best Life

before after cats adoptionwot_are_frogs_