Is This The Cutest Loaf of Bread in the World?

catloaf bread

Most of us have seen a coat loaf without even realising it. It is the strange yet hilarious sight of a cat lying down and tucking its legs underneath so that it looks like only a body, a body shaped like a loaf of bread none the less. One baker has since paid homage to this classic cat pose by making a little cat loaf – a loaf of bread shaped and decorated to look just like its namesake. Lou Lou P’s Delights

is the baker from Yorkshire that made the cute loaf, carefully shaping the dough to help create ears and whiskers. Once it has baked in the oven the facial details are added on completion. Speaking of the face, its sleep appearance just makes the invention that more adorable, which is also achieved thanks to the smaller kitten loafs too.

More Info: Facebook (h/t: Geyser of Awesome)

catloaf bread

catloaf bread

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