30 Of The Most Catastrophic Failures That Have Ever Happened

11. January 17, 2021: Final Seconds Of The Ukrainian Cargo Ship Before Breaks In Half And Sinks At Bartin Anchorage, Black Sea

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12. Boeing 777 Engine Failed At 13000 Feet. Landed Safely


13. December 19, 2019: Drill Bit After Taking Out Some Of London’s Internet

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14. $1,250,000 Worth Of Corn Spilled After Silo Collapse In New Carlisle, Ohio On Jan 28, 2018


15. A Functioning Dutch Windmill From 1848 Burned Down

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16. April 20, 2010: The Oil Rig Deep Water Horizon Suffered A Catastrophic Blowout


17. August 4, 2020: Storage Before The Blast, Beirut

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18. In Pittsburgh. Sinkhole Eats Bus. No One Seriously Hurt


19. On May 20, 1976, During Structural Renovations, A Fire Burned Away The Montreal’s Biosphère Transparent Acrylic Dome

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20. $300k Video Wall Came Down In Vegas