30 Of The Most Catastrophic Failures That Have Ever Happened

There might be various failures in daily life but the results of some of them might be really bad. Here are 30 of the most catastrophic failures that have ever happened.

1. April 28, 1988: The Roof Of An Aloha Airlines Jet Ripped Off In Mid-Air At 24,000 Feet

catastrophic failuresSleeeepy_Hollow

2. May 7, 2021: Tourist Trapped 100m High On Chinese Glass Bridge After Floor Panels Blow Out


3. The View Of The Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse From Atop The Suspension Cabling, 1940

catastrophic failuresMurdocBR

4. November 02, 2020: Train Breaks Through Barrier Onto Statue At The End Of The Line. Happened In The Middle Of The Night, No Injuries As Of Yet. Spijkenisse, The Netherlands


5. August 14, 2020: Chocolate Snows Down On Swiss Town Due To Factory Defect

catastrophic failuresMsMegane

6. Gas Leak Into Water Main Taiwan


7. December 2019 In Detroit: A Large Amount Of Chromium-6 Leaked Into The Ground From A Chemical Storage Facility That Contained It Improperly. It Was Only Found Out When It Leaked Onto A Nearby Highway

catastrophic failuresdrewbdrewb

8. 2019: Cars Getting Transported On An Open Deck Catch On Fire After Salty Water Shorts Their Batteries


9. 35 Years Ago, Space Shuttle Challenger Disintegrated And Killed All 7 Crew, Due To Failure Of A Joint In The Right Srb, Which Was Caused By Inability Of The Srb’s O-Rings To Handle The Cold Temperatures At Launch

catastrophic failuresSwagBugatti

10. Red Wine Cistern Catastrophically Ruptures At Sicilian Winery