Adorable Cat Timo Loves To Make New Friends With Koi Fish

No one likes to be lonely, friends are always there to make your day more exciting! They love to make you smile and they love to go on exciting adventures with you. Timo the curious cat loves to make new friends, it doesn’t matter who you are, whether you’re another cat, a person or a Koi Fish, Timo is ready to say hello! In this video, Timo befriends a Koi Fish, so cute! You can’t help but smile while watching adorable conversations like this.

Timo loves to be social, as you can tell from this video. Timo isn’t afraid at all and is observing every movement of the Koi Fish. He is one lucky cat, I doubt there are many cats who have become friends with a Koi Fish. As some of them approach Timo, he even gets to pet one, thats so cool! He is very gentle with them, such a smart cat. It looks like Timo want’s to jump into the water with them, that may not be the best decision, he will probably regret that after. I’m sure the Koi Fish are excited for Timo’s next visit, so cute!

Have you ever seen Koi Fish before?