Drone Photo Awards Of 2020 Have Been Announced

The winning photos of Drone Photo Awards 2020 has been announced. Scroll down to see winners of all the categories of this year!

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1. Nature Category Winner: Gray Whale Plays Pushing Tourists

 drone contest 2020

2. Nature Category Runner-Up: Flamingos At Lake Logipi

3. Wildlife Category Winner: Where Herons Live

4. Photo Of The Year: Love Heart Of Nature

5. “Life Under COVID-19” Winner: Black Flag

6. People Category Highly Commended: Cross The Field

7. “Life Under COVID-19” Highly Commended: The Lockdown

8. Urban Category Winner: Alien Structure On Earth

9. Urban Category Highly Commended: Sunrise On The Top

10. Nature Category Highly Commended: Lonely Road