Car Mechanics Share Unbelievable Pics Of What They Were Dealing With

11. C/S States Engine Making “Pssst Pssst Pssst” Noise


12. Good Post Or Bad Post?


13. Big Brain Time

car mechanicsDarth-Boogerus

14. C/S To Install New Tire. C/Dns That The Tire Was Filled With Water In Sub-Zero Temperatures. Had To Cut The Sidewall Out With A Leatherman To Get The Tire Off The Wheel (After Breaking The Ice With A Sledgehammer)


15. Technically A Carryout Since It Isn’t Rolling Anywhere


16. Ladies And Gentlemen, We Have Achieved Peak Engineering

car mechanicsPDX_drifter

17. Customer Is Always Right


18. One Fender Bender Away From Turning His iPhone Into An Eyephone


19. 21′ Jetta 1.4 With 1300 Miles. Probably The 6th Clutch I’ve Done In The Last Month. What Makes People Buy Standard Cars When They Clearly Don’t Know How To Drive Stick Is Beyond Me

car mechanicsSmokewrench802

20. Accidentally Made A Magnifying Glass When Rain Gathered On Crash Wrap Covering A Busted Sunroof