Most Impressive Camouflaged Homes Around The World

Here are some of the most impressive camouflaged homes around the world

Casa do Penedo in Portugal

Casa do Penedo (The House of Stone) was built in 1974 and is situated in the Fafe mountains of northern Portugal. Its unusual design looks like something out of the stone age! It has been built between four large boulders connected with cement mix. Built by engineer Guimarães, the building was meant to be a rural retreat for the holidays for a local family.

camouflaged homes

Thérèse Cabin in France

camouflaged homes
Image Credit: Dylan Perrenoud

Turf Houses in Iceland

camouflaged homes

Dune House in Florida

camouflaged homes
Image Credit: Zillow

The Truffle in Spain

The Truffle is a piece of nature built with earth, full of air. A space within a stone that sits on the ground and blends with the territory. It camouflages, by emulating the processes of mineral formation in its structure, and integrates with the natural environment, complying with its laws.

The Truffle
Image Credit: Ensamble Studio

Mobile Log Cabin in The Netherlands

Mobile Log Cabin
Image Credit: Thomas Mayer

Edgeland House in Austin, Texas

Edgeland House
Image Credit: Paul Bardagjy

Casa Aguacates in Mexico

Casa Aguacates is located in Valle de Bravo, a rural lake town that is a couple of hours by car from Mexico City. Known for its pleasant weather and scenic terrain, the area is a popular getaway spot for urban dwellers. The program for the 442 sqm residential design is kept intentionally simple, comprising an open plan layout for the kitchen, dining room, and living room that stays on display on the ground floor, spilling into a circular pool on one end, and the lush grassy patio on the other side.

Casa Aguacates
Image Credit: Sandra Pereznieto