10 Dogs That Are Masters Of Camouflage

You don’t need to be a chameleon to become a master of disguise.

These dogs can prove it! They are really really good at camouflage. Let’s see if you can you spot them all.

That mop is lying!

camouflage dogs

There’s a second dog in this picture, i swear! I didn’t even see it myself at first.

camouflage dogsReddit: BigBabyLuc

So many pugs! Guess which one is the real one.

camouflage dogsYoutube

Honey, have you seen the dog?

camouflage dogsYoutube

Be careful when you wipe your feet in this house.

camouflage dogsReddit: Letsgomets

Best sleeping and hiding spot ever!

camouflage dogsReddit: CapnFancyPants

Cute stuffed animals, oh wait!

camouflage dogsReddit

Good thing its paws are white.

camouflage dogs

Reddit: Timecook

Great carp…. hey what is this thing?!

camouflage dogsReddit: MrSpecks

Burrito camouflage, ACTIVATE!

camouflage dogs