People Shared How Others Reacted In A Wholesome Way When They Came Out


Upon telling my (pretty laddish, older bachelor) best mate I’m bi: “Truth be told I’m a little gay for you too.”

Bless him.



When I first started coming out to my friends, it was too difficult to say “I’m gay”. First time, I said that “I’m like Edwin”, who was another gay guy. Second time, I said “I’m not straight”. I then joked about how it was starting to get easier to tell people, and that “not straight” was progress, to which my friend joked that next time I’ll tell someone I’m “not not gay”.

Well, fast forward a year with a new roommate, and the topic came up. Took the opportunity and I told him “Matt, I’m not not gay”. He shrugged, looked sorta confused, then said, “soooo, you’re bi?”

I just started telling people I was gay after that.



My dad didn’t say much, but his neutral acceptance coincidentally broke down a lot of walls we had when I was growing up. We got to know one another a lot more once I felt free of my secret. Love him times a million.



Best reaction: My guy friend responding with “same”, when I told him I felt attracted to girls. Then he asked me where I wanted to eat lunch. It was amazingly casual.



My sisters and I were in my apartments swimming pool and I came out as Bisexual to them (Now identify as Pansexual). They said (and I quote) “Cool, we should have pizza now”. I love that they cared but it wasn’t a huge deal.



The best I’ve ever gotten was a round of applause from every single member of my family after 2 years of telling me I’m gay and me denying it….thanks family, now I realize myself



My girlfriend told me she was bisexual, and my immediate response was, and I quote: “B***h, who do you think you’re talking to? Someone who gives a s**t?”

Her horror and relief, and the resulting laugh at this, absolutely made my day.



“Well that’s 2 out of 4, and we all know your sister is going to turn out gay so there’s only one hope of straightness in this house” Not exact phrasing but you get the point.



Bi dude here.

Came out to a bunch of friends on a bus trip. They were all totally cool with it, gave me a couple fist bumps and honestly didn’t care which was pretty much just what I wanted



When I came out to one of my close friends she just said “really? Same”