People Shared How Others Reacted In A Wholesome Way When They Came Out


Best reaction was seeing my brother the day after I came out on Facebook. I asked him, carefully, if he’d seen the post.

“I did!” He said cheerfully. “That’s okay, I like girls, too! Especially this one!” And kissed his wife.



My sister was the best, just because I was so worried on how she would respond. When I told her, her response was, “Cool. Do you know when mom is going to get more snacks?”



Late to the party, but the best was a friend of mine who I drunkenly told because in my head, it was a good idea to tell him simply because we played football together and got changed together. Honestly, I think I was just looking for acceptance from someone because I was nervous what the other guys might think in the locker room if they knew I was bi. I told him, then floundered a bit about not being attracted to him and whatever, at which point, he put his hand on my shoulder, looked me dead in the eye and said: “Tijo, don’t worry mate, I’ll still happily whip my cock out in front of you, doesn’t bother me.” We talked for a while after, but he was the most supportive person ever.



My mom was shocked and the first thing she said as she started bawling was “Oh no! And your father and I made you play rough sports!”



Me: sudden epiphany while drunkenly chattering with my bff Oh holy s**t. I think I might be gay

Bff: Well no shit sherlock. About damn time you figured it out. You owe me 50$. I bet on you figuring it out 8 years ago.

(Found out my friends had started a pool a decade earlier)



I nervously sent my sister a meme about being bisexual. Her response was “same”. Funniest waste of adrenaline ever, ngl.



Best was my mother who replied with and I quote “I know. I knew since you were little. I just waited until you came to me after confirming it for yourself.” She then proceeded to threaten my religious extended family that if they said a word to me about my sexuality that there would be hell. She is very protective and none of them say a word to this day.



My sister, she just laughed and went “cool! Why don’t you dress better?”



I don’t remember a specific coming out moment with my family, but I remember talking to my brother and dad about liking girls when I was a teenager. And my brother asking if I remembered being like 9 years old and telling everyone I wanted to marry my friend Mia. That’s when I realized my closet door had pretty much been wide open all along.



I hadn’t told a few friends about my boyfriend and when i did… “dude i know you’ve been drooling over him for months” man that was hilarious