Bye-Bye Coffins, These Organic Burial Pods Turn Your Loved Ones Into Trees

Death is that master to whom we all must one day bow. Death confounds, it hurts and infuriates all of us, while leaving in its wake a lot of unanswered questions. One thing we do know without a doubt is that not one of us will escape death, thus one should be able to determine how they want to be buried and remembered. Regardless of what you believe in, or your opinion on the afterlife, these organic burial pods that transform friends and family into trees make the thought of death somewhat more encouraging. Indeed, these marvelous burial pods make for the ideal burial custom in such a large number of ways.

Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel are both Italian designers create the Capsula Mundi project. Driven by their affection for trees, the pair made an organic, biodegradable burial case or pod that actually transforms a human’s remaining parts into supplements for a wonderful tree that germinates and grows directly above where it is buried. It sounds like an ingenious idea, right? However, these burial pods will have to remain at the idea stage until further notice, as it is against Italian Law to bury humans in this way. In the event that the law permits this sort of burial, the general objective is to make cemeteries brimming with trees rather than gravestones. Rather than a cemetery, these parks will be referred to as “memory trees.”

The body is initially implanted into a fetal position with the aim of fitting into the burial pod. The pod resembles an earthy work of art, in the real sense, it is a biodegradable “coffin.”. The pod is buried beneath the earth at the preferred location and the preferred tree seed placed directly above, and from one life springs another.

biodegradable burial pod

As opposed to going by spooky, pitiful and gloomy cemetery guests will enter a wonderful memory trees park brimming with hope and the assurance of new life. Friends and family would tend to the tree; find solace underneath its shade, which is much more than you can anticipate from a gravestone. With people having the option to choose this sort of burial, it may seem senseless to buy an extravagant, overpriced pine box.

Truth be told, a cemetery loaded with gravestones is not as appealing as wonderful memory woodland loaded with rich trees. This concept is obviously better for Mother Nature. As opposed to chopping down trees to make coffins, we would be creating more trees. The pod is produced using all renewable and biodegradable materials, including starch plastic and regular plants, for example, potatoes and corn. The organization states on its website that it takes about 10 to 40 years for a tree to mature. Only to be chopped down and made into a pine box that just fills a need for a small number of days. It was this line of thinking that birth to the idea of an approach to spare one tree and plant another. There will be a wide variety of trees customers can pick from. The vision is that any client will pick their most loved tree while they are still alive. As indicated on their website.

biodegradable burial pod

“The tree is chosen when the individual is alive, relatives and companions care for it when death occurs. A cemetery will no longer need to be crammed with tombstones as it will turn into consecrated woodland,” One can easily picture a late spouse and wife, growing new life side by side as two perfect trees. It genuinely adds some hope even while the bitterness of losing someone may still linger. I plan on telling my family later that this is the way I would prefer to be buried–I am currently 26 years old, thus I’m anticipating that these burial pods should be in the United States when my inevitable death occurs. The eco-friendly benefits and people behind The Capsula Mundi are attempting to change legislation, such that this astonishing burial custom can become a reality. The world ought to know about this, let us all tell someone.