30 Photos Of Brutalist Architectural Buildings With Giant Cats

Have you ever dreamt of brutalist architectural buildings with giant cats? These photos of giant cats will make you satisfied with what you are looking for.

Here are more ‘giant cats’.

1. Textile Centre; Chee Soon Wah, 1974, Kallang, Singapore

giant cats

2. Central Post Office; Janko Konstantinov, 1982, Skopje, Macedonia

3. “Musical Island”, Villa-Lobos State Park; Decio Tozzi, 1989, São Paulo, Brazil

giant cats

4. Milwaukee Police Administration Building; 1971, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

5. Palácio Da Justiça; Oscar Niemeyer, 1962, Brasilia, Brazil

giant cats

6. Mondadori Group Headquarters; Oscar Niemeyer, 1975, Milan, Italy

7. Omsk Musical Theatre; Lurie, Strigun And Belousova, 1981, Omsk Oblast, Russia

giant cats

8. The Rock, Brown University Library; Warner, Burns, Toan & Lunde, 1964, Providence, Rhode Island

9. Dr. Seo’s Women’s Clinic Building (Atrium Office Building); Chung-Up Kim, 1967, Seoul, Korea

giant cats

10. Montreal Olympic Stadium; Roger Taillibert, 1976, Montreal, Canada