Brave Story of the Horse and His Owner

Struggling with the Tide

The horrible thing about this experience was the fact that there could have been a tide coming anytime. The tide at that beach was so dangerous and it could have killed Astro if he was still stuck in the mud.


Astro Appearing

It is a happy scene, giant Astro coming out of the  dangerous mud. Imagine how happy Nicole must be and don’t forget the relief Astro is apparently getting. The firemen should be really proud and as happy as Nicole is.

emerging beauty

Powerful Legs

The hind legs of the horses are famous for their power. Those legs are what make them win races or kill people, usually by accident. Nicole’s horse Astro used them to get out of the mud with the help of the firemen and of course his owner.


Strong Boy

Astro was out of the mud but he was still on a risky ground, he was anxious and he needed help. Luckily, there were people to help him to totally get rid of that ground and be safe again.


Finally Free

Finally, both Nicole and Astro were rescued. It must have been a terrible and unforgettable experience for them. Surely after this nightmare, they will be more careful about the grounds they are running on freely. It is good to know that they are safe and sound.