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These Photos Of A Teenage Melanie Griffith And Her Pet Lion In The 1970s Are Quite Something

Neil and Tippi Taking a Look at the News

Tippi Hedren, the actress from Hitchcock’s movie The Birds, had a holiday in Africa with her husband Noel Marshall and her daughter Melanie Griffith who is also an actress. After their journey, the three decided to shoot a film on lions. In order to make a realistic one, they had to get to know lions better. So, they took advice from Ron Oxley, a trainer of animals, his advice was living with lions until the family knew them better. They did what he told!

life with lion

Tippi and Neil Having a Good Time in the Living Room

Neil likes to be a cushion for Tippi when she reads.

Sharing the Bed

Would you advice other people to open their doors to a lion? Maybe you wouldn’t. However for this family it was such a good advice! Actually it was good than anyone can guess. Neil was their guest, he was a male lion, a huge creature compared to his companion humans. Though, he was not the only one the family was living with. There were other animals from the wilderness who was inhabiting the house in California. Nevertheless, Neil was the most huggable one. Just take a look at the photos from early 1970s where you can see Neil spending time with his human friends; sleeping, paper reading, raiding the fridge and more. It is astonishing to see this huge and actually savage animal hanging out by the pool or sleeping on the kitchen floor. As you can see, instead of a dangerous wild animal, Neil looks like a giant domestic cat.

life with lion

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Neil Looking for Something to Eat

Well, who said that lions don’t raid the fridge?

life with lion

Kitchen Floor Joy

He really is just like a domestic cat.

life with lion