Magnificent Views of Paxton’s Tower

Located in Carmarthenshire, Wales, Paxton’s Tower is on a hill above the village of Llanarthne and offers some of the most magnificent views in the whole United Kingdom. The tower is 10 meters tall and while it looks like a tower of a much larger structure, it is not. It is just a one-tower structure with 4 tower heads, 1 central one, and 3 smaller ones and terraces. Currently, the tower is under the control of the National Trust and is a listed building in the UK, which means a historically significant building.

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The castle is dedicated to one of the most important figures in British naval history: Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson. People also called him Lord Nelson and he gained popularity when he acquired his command at the age of 20. Afterward, he quickly rose to more fame by gaining victories during the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars. In 1805, he took over a blockade at Cadiz but he was wounded by a bullet from a French sharpshooter. His soldiers brought his body back to England where he received a state funeral. Since his death, the British Navy honored Nelson by immortalizing his famous words before starting a battle.

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Lord Nelson’s friend Sir Paxton wanted to commemorate his achievements when he heard of his demise. Therefore, he built Paxton’s Tower, only 6 years after his death in Wales, where he owned some land. Whether intentional or not, the hill where he built the tower has some of the most magnificent views in the country, especially during the night.

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Since Wales has a low level of light pollution, during the night, Paxton’s Tower offers visitors magnificent views of starry nights. Moreover, during certain times, Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis, are visible above the tower as well. In 2023, a Welsh photographer who took a picture of the tower under the Northern Lights won a Photo of the Year award.

Magnificent Views of paxton's tower
Magnificent Views of northern lights
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Magnificent Views of paxton's tower and the trees
Magnificent Views of paxton's tower side
paxton's tower
paxton's tower close up
paxton's tower exterior
paxton's tower interior
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