30 Relaxing Pics Of Things Were Transformed By Cleaning Them

Cleaning should have a connection with relaxation. These before and after photos from power washing projects will make you satisfied completely.

1. Not Power Washing, But Too Good Not To Share

before after pressure washingbert0ld0

2. That’s Imperial Castle In My Hometown Poznań. It Looks Way Better After Cleaning


3. Roommates Thought The Sink Was Permanently Stained. I Got Bored In Quarantine And Proved Them Wrong


4. Power Washed Patio Then Built A Canopy


5. Feast Your Eyes, You Power Washing Freaks


6. A Building Janitor In France Trying To Give A Smile For The Residents During The Lockdown


7. I’ll Finish Washing The Fence Tomorrow. But Until Then…


8. Picasso On Driveway. Dirt, Water, Power Washed Concrete. Me. 2020


9. Picked Up This Old Concrete Park Table As A Freebie. Had To Take The Power Cleaner To It. Apologies About The Cat, He’s An Exhibitionist

before after pressure washingilikepicklesandyou

10. Looks Almost Like Fresh Paint