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45 Oddly Satisfying Pics To Appease Perfectionist Souls

The r/OddlySatisfying subreddit is supplying some of the most oddly satisfying sightings. These amazing pics soothe perfectionist souls with flawless.

1. Before & After Paint Job

2. My Neighbors Tree Has The Perfect Fall Gradient

3. Droplets On A Car Windshield During Sunset

4. Tree’s Shadow

5. Perfectly Cozy, Curled Up Cats

6. Perfect Snowflake That Fell On My Coat Yesterday

7. This Welding Job


8. The Way This Cat Blends Into The Wood


9. This Clean Ice


10. This Sauna In Finland


11. My Dad Laid New Decking Around An Old Tree!

12. These Leaves In This Tree

13. I Was Told On A Couple Of Art Subreddits You All Might Appreciate My Art

14. This Mystique Cosplay Mid Merge (By Magnetomystique)

15. This Cake (Credit: Malizzi Cakes)