People Share Amazing Things That They ‘Be Amazed’ By

11. The Real Ultimative Chad

be amazedMy_Memes_Will_Cure_U

12. Couple With Down Syndrome Told Not To Marry, Prove Critics Wrong 25 Years Later


13. The Guy Picked Up The Exhausted Dog, And He Turned Out To Be A Wonderful Husky

be amazedGraveBreath

14. This Marine With “I Can’t Breathe” Taped Over His Mouth Stood For Hours In Silent Protest Calling For Justice For Victims Of Police Killings. He Stood Unmoving For So Long In The Hot Sun At The Utah State Capitol That His Shoes Melted Into The Pavement


15. We Could Sure Use A Little Roosevelt Today!

be amazedMy_Memes_Will_Cure_U

16. Realistic Mural Of A True American Hero


17. What A Nice Story

be amazedAdventurousRecord5

18. Good Job Volvo


19. India Is Waking Up, The Mahimbeachcleanup Has Cleared More Than 700 Tons Of Plastic From Our Beach

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20. The World’s Humblest Head Of State