30 Pics Of People Who Don’t Prioritize Safety, As If They’re Immortal

11. On The Brink Of Decapitating Someone


12. “Oh Yes Lets Lock The Emergency Stop Button”

bad safetyRikkertNelis

13. You Can’t Make This Stuff Up


14. At My Work


15. I See That Everybody Followed Safety Rules On Last Nights Shift

bad safetyWartPig

16. Longest Ladder In The World, Edinburgh,scotland

bad safetypaulscott130

17. Acid You Say?

bad safetycobbledong

18. Meanwhile In Russia

bad safety


19. Makes My Knees Weak To Imagine Climbing Up It

bad safetyAmerican_Avocet

20. Holy Cow, How Fast Was He Going Or How Thin Walled Is That Metal Post?