Baatara Gorge Waterfall: Fascinating Attraction

Would you like to witness another terrific and fascinating nature masterpiece?  If you do, Baatara Gorge Waterfall will surely be one on the top list.  This offers a very attractive nature sight in this world.    You will find it very captivating because it falls or flows through Three Bridge Chasm.   It creates a very unique combination that enables it to form a perfect and captivating vision. You can find this wonderful scenery in Lebanon particularly in Tannourine.

When winter is over and the snow in Mount Lebanon started to melt,   the ice turns into water. This now becomes the water flowing in Three Bridge Chasm cliffs.  This particular occurrence makes this particularly notable or distinct waterfall which enables limestone to be slowly carved each year.  In previous times, these said limestone aged about more than 160 m years.  The age of the limestone cliff which is paired with various water damages enable this waterfall to possess its today’s wonderful appearance and character. (h/t: earthporm)

baatara gorge waterfall

When Is The Best Time To Visit This Waterfall?

The subsequent bridges and most important the waterfall are settled in Balaa, one of Lebanon’s village.   The best time to go and visit this place is when the snow started to melt.   After winter, snow on these particular bridges will begin to melt and turn to water.  It adds in the amazing view of his waterfall.   Typically, snow melting happens between month of March and month of April.

baatara gorge waterfall

What Are Geologist Findings?

According to the reports of geologist,   the top bridge forming this waterfall is showed to be the oldest among the three formations. It is the oldest and the 2 bottom parts or bridges are  created because of collapsing limestone and rock falls.   There are also no notable changes regarding   the cliffs since the water still directly falls on limestone.

 baatara gorge waterfall

When Did It Become Public?

Several people have known it existence for so long. But, these particular fascinating creations are brought to public during 1952.  This is after a notable biologist have discovered and laid huge interest gorgeous and unique scenery.

baatara gorge waterfall

What are the Conducted Experiments on Cave of Three Bridges?

Since this is a fascinating place and scenery, several people have been curios about it.  It has been subjected to various experiments.    In 1988,   particular experiments have been revealed that water is link to Magharet al-Ghaoughir, a nearby town where underground spring does exist.  There are also conducted experiments which prove that limestone in this place came from Jurassic period.

baatara gorge waterfall

There are only few limited places in this world that offers captivating scenery. One of the places having gorgeous views includes Cave of Three Bridges or Baatara Gorge Waterfall.  This has been popular to several visitors.   Taking a photo (family picture or solo picture), in this bridge will surely create a good one.  But be vigilant of danger.  You may find various signs around the place that warns you about any possible danger.

It will surely a fun visiting this magnificent place or spot.  You will be embraced with its beauty and greatness.

baatara gorge waterfall