15 Of The Most Awesome Teachers Ever

While boring teachers are never remembered, awesome teachers are remembered forever. Check out this list compiled of examples of the most awesome teachers!

1. This Iranian Boy Has Cancer, Yet His Teacher Comes To Visit Him Everyday In Hospital To Fill Him In On What He Has Missed At School

Teacher Daythecake_is_a_lie1

2. A University Student Brought Her Baby To Class Because She Couldn’t Afford To Leave Him With A Nanny. When He Started Crying, Her Professor Scooped Him Up In His Arms And Calmed Him Down, All The Time Without Breaking Off His Lecture

Awesome Teachers Sydney Engelberg

3. A Teacher Finds One Of His Students Among The Rubble Caused By The Tornado In Moore, Ok

Teacher DayPaul Hellstern

4. This Is My Gay Teacher The Day After One Of His Students Said, “I’m Glad Gays Can’t Marry Here. They Scare Me, Kinda Like Clowns.”

Awesome Teachers circaxashes

5. Teachers Come To School In Pajamas To Protest Finals Being Held At 7 In The Morning

Awesome Teachers

6. Teacher Wears Same Clothes In School Pictures For 40 Years

7. Friend Of Mine’s Math Teacher Responds To A Doodle He Drew On His Test


8. One Of My Female Students Was Smoking In The Bathroom So I’m Sitting Outside Til She Done So I Can Suspend Her Ass


9. The Teacher Didn’t Have A Map, So He Drew One By Himself.


10. Teacher Skates To His Classes Everyday

Awesome Teachers reddit

11. Teacher Changes Hairstyle To Support Bullied Little Girl

Ana Bárbara Ferreira

12. Physics Teacher Explains What Liquids Are

Teacher Day

13. Teacher Promises If Whole Class Get’s An A On Test, He’ll Wear A Scooby Doo Costume And Bring A Kid’s Champagne. Class Did Their Best, He Came As Promised

Teacher Day

14. One Of The English Teachers At My Highschool Put This In The Hall Outside Her Door

Teacher DayAmk1221amk

15. Three Teachers Always Come Up With Something New For Their Yearbook Pictures

Teacher Dayhaystackreaction