This Stunning Beachfront Home Has Living Garden on the Roof, is Eco-Friendly and it Only Took Six Week to Build!

Avalon House is a recently completed project by Australian architecture firm ArchiBlox. Prefabricated off-site from its location, it features a modular green-roof, is eco-friendly, and was constructed in just six weeks!

Installed at a beachside location in New South Wales, Avalon House measures a model 106-square feet. The main focus of the project was sustainability, however. The colorful green room aims to act as thermal mass as well as minimizing the amount of rainwater runoff and any solar penetration

The design meant that the main façade of the building faces north while the smaller windows are set on the south side of the structure. This ensures a bright, airy, interior that complements the open-plan layout of the home.

Half of the home houses a living area, dining room space, and a kitchen, while the other half features two bedrooms and a bathroom.

Avalon House’s main connect is described as “Embedded within the earth, the beautifully crafted dwelling creates an enriched experience within the environment. Immersed in the serenity of its surroundings, the house creates an endless and continuously changing source of visual and aural beauty.”

Additionally, the presence of water-features at the front of the home grants a “visual connection to water [and] further creates an undulating calming visual and aural effect. The dwelling promises to offer a serene environment enduring the effects of time.”