A Clever Visual Deception By This Car. Can You Figure It Out?

Czech Republic based car manufacturer, Skoda, has a popular car in the super-mini car segment known as the Skoda Fabia. The advantages of this car include wonderful navigation in the narrow lanes of city, excellent mileage and is also a highly affordable car. Although this car seems to be a budget offering from a premium manufacturer, this car packs in magical powers. This tiny coop churns out excellent power and you do not even realize it generally.

Watch this video and you would definitely end up watching the video twice or in a loop. When we watched this video for the first time, even we were in for a shock.

This is one of the cleverest advertisements by car manufacturers since a long time. Even if you are not contemplating to buy this car sometime, this advertisement is a splendid one and you would definitely end up watching it again! Source: ŠKODA UK