Awesome Spray Painted Illusion of a Hovering Tree Cut in Half

Do you love artistic illusions?  Are you someone who really enjoys the idea that art can deceive as well as impress even the most careful eye?  If so, you’re going to absolutely adore this fantastic tree illusion.  It is a treat that looks like it is suspended in midair with the world wondering how the artist managed to get the tree to float.

The reality is, this duo spray painted the tree trunk to perfectly match the environment about it so that it looks as if the tree is cut in half with perfect depth and dimension, when it is actually all still there, growing happily.  If you are someone who really can’t get enough of this, you’ll love the gallery showing everything from the finished product to the process.  It’s truly a sight to be seen and makes you wonder just how people come up with these crazy, exciting ideas that impress us all so much.  It also shows you that there is no such thing has an idea that is too crazy when it comes to art.