Ash Dome: A Secret Tree Artwork in Wales Planted by David Nash in 1977



The world is a place that shows us how nature can make this beautiful of its own accord, but did you know that humans can manipulate nature to mimic what it needs?  Sure, maybe you knew that, but did you know it can be done without hurt the trees or Mother Nature’s intentions?  It’s true.  Artist David Nash took care of Mother Nature by taking a stand of trees and training them naturally – with the help of natural science – to bend and curve them so that they form a grove.  This is the place he created so that he could paint about it.  It was intended to be a safe place metaphorically where the changing politics of the world would have no effect.

Even today, this location is kept a strict secret with only a handful of visitors allowed to see it in person to photograph it.  It is a carefully guarded secret place that gives many people – who are allowed in – a sense of peace and solitude away from the other parts of the world that are just frustrating and non-sensical.  Here is the site of a man who worked with nature to form it into something beautiful.