Architectural Photographer Captures Beautiful Libraries Around the World

German architectural photographer Reinhard Görner has been working in the field since 1982, photographing both historical and contemporary architecture.

While we are a student, we go to libraries not only to borrow books but also to study for exams. Whether we are a bookworm or not, we love the atmosphere there, we like to listen to the silence and focus on what we are studying too. When a library becomes bigger, the number of rooms inside increases too. The rooms for reading, for using computers, for group studies, and many more.

After we see all the books in the environment, we feel the lack of knowledge, also a belief that we would be created after reading one of the wholes. But, is it possible for a library to transform us into a bookworm even we do not like reading?

Do not say “no” before you see the beautiful libraries below!

1. Inter Arma Caritas II. Portugal

It is not only a library but also an architectural piece of art. Just check the details on the ceiling, all the combination of the colors and the shapes.

beautiful libraries reinhard-gorner

2. Open Space, City Library in Stuttgart.

I am totally sure that the first thing comes to your mind after seeing this is “I would definitely go there every single day.” Yeah, we would go too!

beautiful libraries reinhard-gorner

3. Palácio Nacional de Mafra I, Portugal

It is really good at it! Look at the architecture! To be honest, I would be distracted by the magnificence of the walls so much to forget about reading the book…

beautiful libraries reinhard-gorner

4. Duke Hamfrey’s Library, Oxford

This wooden art is from Oxford, called as “Duke Hamfrey’s Library”. If I would sit on the bench next to the books, I would be drunk on the smell of papers!

beautiful libraries reinhard-gorner

5. Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Library. Berlin

beautiful libraries reinhard-gorner

6. Library Hall, Upper Lusatian Library of Sciences. Görlitz

beautiful libraries reinhard-gorner

7. The Brain, Freie Universität. Berlin

beautiful libraries reinhard-gorner

8. The entrance of Biblioteca Joanina. Portugal

beautiful libraries reinhard-gorner

9. Cathedral of Books. Manchester

beautiful libraries reinhard-gorner

10. St. Peter’s Abbey II. Austria

beautiful libraries reinhard-gorner

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