Animals Decided To Act Like Humans, Lovely Moments

11. Just Two Curious Kids

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12. Orangutan

13. Neighbor’s Corgi Was Sneaking Onto Her Property At Night And Riding Her Pony

14. Silverback And His Son, Calmly Observe A Caterpillar

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15. Dog Intentionally Fake Coughs To Get More Attention, If This Isn’t Intelligent Behaviour I Don’t Know What Is

16. He’s Doing The Best He Can

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17. This Is Dawn The Orangutan. She Saw Zoo Workers Cleaning Off After A Shift. So Dawn Stole A Cloth And Now She Cleans Off Everyday Too


18. Pikin, A Gorilla Rescued From The Bushmeat Trade, Is Comforted By Her Caretaker Appolinaire On The Way To A Forest Sanctuary

act like humans

19. Rats Are Very Empathetic

University of Chicago Medical Center

20. Doggo Trying To Protect Owner From Being Burned

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