10+ Unbelievable Examples of Animal Camouflage That Will Make You Look Twice

Snow Leopard

animal camouflageRaghu Chundawat


animal camouflageoktt

Great Gray Owl

animal camouflageArt Wolfe

Mediterranean Octopus

animal camouflageSuljo

Arctic Fox

animal camouflageJim Cumming

Stick Insect

animal camouflagephasmatodea

Stone Flounder

animal camouflagedomhyde

Willow Ptarmigan

animal camouflageArt Wolfe

The real master of disguise

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Shimmery Sea Sapphire

animal camouflageNew Scientist

23. Longfingered Scorpionfish

animal camouflageGavin Parsons

Wolf Spider

animal camouflagePiet Grobler

10 Dogs That Are Masters Of Camouflage

animal camouflage

21 Hilarious Animals Who Are Convinced They’re Masters of Disguise

animal camouflage