30 Frightening Abandoned Places That Was Untouched For Years

Some places have a frightening spirit that many people feel a kind of weird when see these places. Especially abandoned places might be eerie for many of us. People shared pictures of abandoned places in a Reddit group and here are 30 pictures of frightening abandoned places.

1. Railroad Tracks In Forest


2. Found This Beautiful Tree Growing Inside An Abandoned Silo While I Was Exploring

3. I Lit Up This Spooky Abandoned House With My Drone And A Lume Cube Attached To It


4. Sintra, Portugal

5. Abandoned Castle In Ireland Country


6. Abandoned French Chapel

7. Norway, The Country Of Fairy Tales


8. Abandoned Stairway In The Woods: Madame Sherri Forest, Chesterfield, Nh

9. Found An Old Abandoned Diner While Driving Down Some Back Roads


10. Japanese WWII Warplane Lies Wrecked In Shallow Water Off Guam