30 Amazing Pics Of Abandoned Places Where Nature Won The Battle Against Civilization

Here is a list of photos of abandoned places, cars, and even entire towns. It seems nature won the battles against civilization.

1. Amazing Abandoned 13th Century Château Located In France

nature windigitalanthil

2. Someone Added Googley Eyes To This Tree Consuming A Bridge


3. Abandoned House, Norway Style


4. An Abandoned Church In France

Quentin Chabrot

5. Statue Of Buddha Being Reclaimed By Mangrove Forest


6. Trees Sprouted On Top Of Abandoned Chimneys


7. The Desert Reclaiming Territories In Namibia. Now A Ghost Town, Kolmanskop Was Once An Oasis Where Miners Lived


8. I Saw A Tree Eating A Stop Sign


9. Abandoned Apartment Building Being Claimed By The Sea In The Former Fishing Village Of Kirovsky, Russia

10. Scola Tower, Liguria, Italy