’90s Life Hacks That Bring Out a Bit of Nostalgia

21. If A Winged Tamagotchi Appears On Your Screen, It Means That Your Tamagotchi Decided To Go Back To It’s Home Planet. But Don’t Despair, Simply Press The (A) And (C) Buttons At The Same Time And Your New Egg Is Ready For Hatching

22. Computer Frozen? Hold Ctrl+alt+delete To Close The Application Or Restart

23. Your Computer Game Running Too Fast Or Too Slow? Switch The Turbo Button On Your Computer Case On/Off

24. Convince Your Friends That You’re A Supercool Raver By Sticking Strips Of Coloured Tin Foil To Your Trousers

25. Frost Your Tips For 100% Success With The Ladies

26. Hold Your Slammer Between Two Fingers, And Throw It Down Hard While Spinning It. This Will Cause Most Of The Pogs To Flip! If You’re Playing For Keeps, Jackpot!

27. Pad All Important Files To 1.45mb So They’re Too Big To Be Stolen On A Floppy Disk

28. Tired Of Paying The Outrageous 3$ For A Pop At The Movies? Wear Cargo Pants And Sneak Snacks In That Way

90s life

29. Don’t Want People To Read Your Diary? Simply Hide It Inside An Empty Sliding Doors Vhs Case

30. Use A Safety Pin To Securely Attach The Ty Tag To Your Beanie Baby And Ensure It Won’t Lose Value

90s life

31. Fool Friends Into Thinking You’re Wearing A Global Hypercolour Shirt By Dipping Your Hands In Bleach And Touching Your Clothes