30 Most Embarrassing Bathroom Design Fails

21. The Controls For This Shower

Bathroom Design Failsjintanjafora

22. I’ve Always Wanted To Take Bath While Eating Breakfast

Bathroom Design FailsGr8tViewer

23. Carpeted Stairs To Shower

Bathroom Design FailsjLynx

24. There’s A Special Place In Hell For A Powder Room Where The Red Vessel Sink Is The Least Offensive Thing

Bathroom Design Failspleasehatethesethings

25. The Placement Of This Bath Tub Faucet

Bathroom Design Failspetahparker

26. This Bathtub Looks Like Somebody Was Killed In It… Or Worse

Bathroom Design Failsandro_aintno

27. The Way This Curved Shower Enclosure Fits A Square Base, Causing The Floor To Flood And Requiring An Extra Drain

Bathroom Design FailsInternational_Worker

28. This Is The Room My Friend And I Got In Cuba. The Shower Wall Was A Window & You Could See Into The Entire Bathroom… Even The Toilet

Bathroom Design Fails


29. Wanna Take A S**t? Gotta Climb Over The Tub First

Bathroom Design Failsload231

30. Texas. What Are You Doing?

Bathroom Design Failspleasehatethesethings