30 Of The Best Parenting Hacks Ever

21. Starting In Kindergarten, Put Your Child’s Graduation Year On A Large T-Shirt And Take A Picture With The Same T-Shirt Every Year To Watch The Child Growing Up

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22. Cover Your Baby’s Crib With A Sheet. This Will Keep Baby From Getting Bitten Up By Mosquitoes

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23. When You Can’t Find Your Glasses Or Charger Just Make A Hunting Game For Your Kid To Help You

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24. Use Slick Paint To Prevent Slipping On The Floor

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25. Create A Chart On The Prescription Bottle To Track When You Give Your Kids Their Medicine

Parenting Hacks

26. Use A Plastic Egg To Keep Unfinished Lollipop Clean

Parenting Hackslifehackerin

27. Use A Fan To Inflate Your Children’s Bed Fort

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28. Use Pool Noodle Will Protect Your Kids From Serious Injuries

Parenting Hacks


29. Use Frozen Marshmallows To Make A Great Ouchie Pack. Soft And Not Too Cold

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30. Turn An Old DVD Box Into A Coloring Case

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