30 Of The Best Parenting Hacks Ever

11. Put Stickers On Your Kid’s Shoes To Teach Them To Put Them On The Right Feet

Parenting Hacksonecreativehousewife

12. Put Your Kid To Work By Turning Chores Into Fun Games

Parenting Hacks

13. Make A Table Hammock With A Bedsheet For Your Kids

Parenting Hacksjoyfulabode.com

14. Turn a Coffee Cup Lid Into A Drip Catcher

Parenting Hacks

15. Detangle Doll’s Hair With Dish Soap And Hair Conditioner

Parenting HacksTricia

16. Use Butcher Paper To Create An Endless “White Board”

Parenting Hacksagnstdgrain

17. Give Your Kids Controllers That Are Not Hookep Up. They Will Play Like This For Hours

Parenting Hackssomecallmemike

18. Use Toilet Paper Rolls To Create A Garage For Toy Cars

Parenting HacksSarah

19. Keep Baby Still During Photoshoot By Using Dad As A Prop

Parenting Hacks

20. Give Your Kids This To Help Them Battle Scary Monsters At Night

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