10+ Unique People Whose Looks Can Take Your Breath Away

“This is the first full body picture I dared to take.”


“I have a condition called dermatographism, where I can ‘write’ on my skin and it appears as a rash.”


Hamad Jaman covered with freckles

“I was born missing my right pinky finger.”


“A kid from Nepal with Cat eye syndrome.”


“Vitiligo affecting one side of a man’s face.”

people whose unique looksJaqwan

This girl used her prosthesis as a chalkboard during her trip around Europe.

people whose unique looksdevgal

The bodybuilder Ia Östergren has disproportionately long legs. Her height is 5’8″, and the length of her legs is 3’5″.


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“I had my eye removed due to genetic degradation. My ocularist made me this prosthetic as a gift!”

people whose unique looks Jinkzd

“My ring finger goes ghostly white when I’m cold. ”

people whose unique lookssharings_caring

Friends with bionic hands

people whose unique looksdeathakissaway