20 Gravity Defying Things That Made People Look Twice

11. This Kid At My School Likes To Stack Pencils

Gravity Defying ThingsThethirdrike

12. I Always Thought Jesus Was A Shepherd, Not A Husky

Gravity Defying ThingsVladimir Polyansky

13. Cannot Tell If Broken Or Upgraded

Gravity Defying ThingsMeaMaximaCunt

14. How Do I Turn The Anti-Gravity Setting Off On My Dog?

Gravity Defying ThingsAjubbajub

15. These Magnets Are Stocked Past The End

Gravity Defying Thingscpcity

16. The Tilt Of The Cruise Ship Makes It Look Like The Water Isn’t Obeying The Law Of Gravity

Gravity Defying ThingsDustyMudflap

17. Snow Is Curling Off This Roof

Gravity Defying ThingsEchobrocation

18. Gecko Chilling Out On The Water’s Surface Tension Of My Fishtank

Gravity Defying Things


19. Found An Icicle Held Only By A Spider’s Web

Gravity Defying ThingsMomizer

20. A Japanese 1 Yen Coin Is So Light It Won’t Even Break Surface Tension On Water

Gravity Defying Thingschriskokura