This 1922 Color Film Test by Kodak Is Fascinating!

In 1922, Eastman Kodak Company was doing something extraordinary with Two-Color Kodachrome technology. The company created one of the first color films ever made. Using the 1922 picture “The Light in the Dark,” actresses Mae Murray and Hope Hampton can be seen in the color reel modeling costumes that were used in the film. Paragon Studios enhanced the original black and white film with Two-Color Kodachrome so that the actresses’ hair, eyes, and lips could have tints of color to them. Their faces are slightly pale white as the colors blend beautifully around their faces. There are also scenes with actress Mary Eaton, a child, and another woman.

Two-Color Kodachrome is a unique process developed by Kodak to add natural colors to a film using a photochemical strategy through a subtractive coloring system. Most of their early color stock footage can be found at the George Eastman House.

(via Kodak Moments)