The World’s Oldest Identical Twin Sisters Have Spent 103 Years Taking Care Of Each Other Every Day

No one can argue that twins don’t have a special bond that is unknown to the rest of the world.  That being said, Florence Davies and Glenys Thomas, both 103 years old, have a bond that is very definitely beyond understanding of most of the world.  And that’s because they’ve spent every da of their lives taking care of each other.  Having lived through both world wars, there’s no question that they have seen some of the worst there is to see.  They are considered the oldest living twins in the world and are in their childhood home in Caerphilly, South Wales. They dress identically, as they did when they were children, and have shared every day of their lives together, even through marriage and all of the wifely duties that took up most of the middle of their lives.  These sisters, always smiling and always together in their photos, are an inspiration to us all, a thought that maybe people can spend their entire lives together and still be as happy as they were at the beginning of it.  A heartwarming tale.

(h/t: dailymail, mirror)


7-year-olds Florence (left) and Glenys (right)


Glenys (left) and Florence (right) at the age of 21. They worked for wealthy people cleaning their homes


Glenys married William Scrivens and was the first to leave home


25-year-old Florence with her baby


The sisters celebrating Christmas at the age of 68


Florence and Glenys celebrating their 70th birthday


Their mother Margaret and father John